Porque fazer um leasing operacional com a Arval?

Arval’s commitments

Embora as viaturas sejam uma componente muito importante e agradável na nossa atividade, na Arval desenvolvemos uma abordagem muito especializada para a gestão de frotas empresariais, assente nestes quatro pilares:

We Advise

We advise you on a company car policy that matches your organisation’s needs.


We Manage

We manage your fleet and drivers


We report

We provide you with all relevant fleet data to make your decision-making process easy


We commit

We are committed to delivering on our promises.

Arval: a personalised approach to car leasing

We like to get to know you and your drivers better. Some think of car leasing as a B2B service. Arval sees it as person-to-person -- or, as our slogan goes, “leasing with a personal touch.”

A single contact who knows your company well

The Account Manager is your single point of contact in all day-to-day aspects of managing your fleet. Whatever the issue – perhaps negotiating the best deals for you or managing the servicing and repairs of your vehicles – you can rely on a professional dedicated to your company, who will forge a close working relationship with you and your drivers. Arval Account Managers find the right solution for each question in line with the Master Agreement, the Service Level Agreement and your Company Car Policy.


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The account team keeps your fleet running smoothly


An Account Team, led by the Account Manager, ensures that you are always at the heart of our activities. The Account Manager, central to the team’s organisation, is your single point of contact. He or she works with an Account Team, made up of operational experts, who book cars in for repairs, arrange replacement vehicles and much more.

We always ensure that we are closer to our clients than other players in the market. This is because our unique structure allows us to leverage all the advantages of being a large operator while giving our clients the benefit of dealing with a small entrepreneurial office. We make sure our interactions never lose that personal touch.




Arval Smart Experience: conectado 24 horas por dia, 7 dias por semana

Digitalizamos toda a informação da sua frota numa plataforma única e reconhecida internacionalmente

Na Arval, sabemos que a sua empresa precisa de acesso fácil aos seus principais indicadores de performance (KPI’s). É por isso que nós criamos a Arval Smart Experience, a qual reúne todas as informações da sua frota numa plataforma segura e disponível à distância de um "click".

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Connecting you with your fleet
Arval Connect
Conectando-o com a sua frota

O Arval Connect permite-lhe manter o controlo da sua frota a qualquer momento. Otimizado para tablet, laptop e desktops, permite-lhe aceder a tudo o que precisa saber num portal intuitivo. Disponibiliza-lhe uma caixa de entrada com todas as suas mensagens da Arval, bem como um ficheiro de documentos, incluindo faturas, multas e tudo o que possa precisar.

◂E, além disso, permite-lhe realizar pesquisas por condutor ou por matrícula.

Com o Arval Connect, vai ainda:

  • Poder manter um contacto direto com os gestores de contas
  • Manter-se atualizado com as últimas notícias da indústria
  • Aceder às estimativas de entregas de viaturas encomendadas
  • Aceder aos mapas com localização de oficinas de manutenção e de serviços disponíveis
Your entire fleet in a click
Arval Fleet View
Os principais indicadores da sua frota à distância de um dedo

A Arval Fleet View permite manter o controlo de informações sobre toda a sua frota. Com dados de todos os condutores na estrada, pode facilmente ajustar estratégias de toda a frota.

Com a Arval Fleet View pode:

  • Monitorizar os principais indicadores de performance (KPI’s) estratégicos da frota
    • Desempenho e atividades da frota
    • Informação financeira geral
    • Utilização e desempenho dos contratos
    • Indicadores de responsabilidade social
  • Ver os custos de funcionamento
  • Identificar quais os condutores com bom e com mau desempenho
The world in your drivers’ hands
O mundo nas mãos dos seus condutores

O Arval Mobile+ conecta os seus condutores com os dados necessários para garantir a eficácia contínua das suas operações.

Com o Arval Mobile+ os seus condutores podem:

  • Localizar a rede de prestadores de serviços da Arval
  • Verificar todo o histórico de manutenção, combustível e sinistros do seu carros
  • Verificar o seu desempenho de condução
  • Encontrar todos os detalhes do contrato
Partilha nas redes sociais
How do your drivers perform?
How do your drivers perform?

This app will improve your fleet’s driving performance, one driver at a time. Measuring speed, acceleration and braking on your driver’s phone, the app highlights areas for improvement. We know driver performance is important to you, so we have made it a priority.

With Arval Drive Challenge your drivers can:

  • Measure their performance on every journey
  • Unlock rewards
  • Link directly to social media platforms to share their progress
  • Improve their awareness of their driving performance
  • Check their position in leader boards

Arval Drive Challenge is a serious but fun game that helps score your drivers’ performance and also gives them a chance to win a range of prizes. The app will give the drivers a pass or fail based on how they drive. The more passes – the more points they get.

Service Level Agreement: our mission is your satisfaction

Your satisfaction is important to us. That is why we guarantee service tailored to your needs and do regular surveys, to make sure we keep our promise.

With our Service Level Agreement, we draw up guarantees and service standards with you beforehand. Our clients are our best ambassadors and we will always go that extra mile to see that you are happy on a permanent basis.

We set clear processes and service standards so that you know what to expect
We make regular surveys, measure our performance and your level of satisfaction
Every expression of dissatisfaction is a complaint, regardless of the cause
Our commitment means you get what you signed up for



Complaints are an opportunity to improve

We consider every complaint from a client as a gift and an opportunity to improve what we do, and how we do things.

A complaint means that we have not met your expectations and tells us what we have to do better to earn the loyalty of our customers. This is why we keep an open dialogue with you and report complaints KPI to you.
If somebody using our service is dissatisfied, we register the complaint in our dedicated tool and make sure the complaint is acknowledged within 24 hours. Our objective is to solve the issue as immediately as possible, within 3-5 days depending on countries.
However, to us, it does not end here. We regularly consider trends to see where we can do better on all different levels. Your feedback is our most important input and we investigate and amend our process accordingly. Only when you are satisfied and our process ameliorated do we consider the issue resolved.